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We wake up every morning realizing we have the opportunity to make a difference. Together, let’s take the reins and lead the way to a brighter, greener, future.



In three decades of business, we’ve never purchased a single new box. Instead we reuse incoming shipment boxes, collect them from neighbors and recycle every one. It’s part of the environmental commitment that drives our work. Like our namesake vegetable, Kerrits is green from the top down. Not only do we continue to push the envelope sourcing fabrics produced in more ethically and environmentally conscious ways, we walk the talk at our headquarters, too. We buy our energy from green sources and recycle. We drink from a water cooler instead of buying bottled water. We use recycled paper to print and energy efficient lights to see. Our most critical green commitment, however, is through our products. We do not make disposable equestrian apparel, never have never will. Our standard from day one has been: We refuse to make anything we might be embarrassed to wear next year. And the clothes that we do make? They are made to last.