Suntosha Barker
Moruya, Australia

What does being a Kerrits Ambassador mean to you? Being a Kerrits Ambassador means to me going to a competition,having pride in what you are wearing,and who you are riding for.When going out knowing what you have done you have tried your best and showed great sportsmanship and kindness to other watchers and competitors. Going to a competition, clinic or anywhere showing of your style and comfort in what you are wearing as I say "if you can't beat them look better than them" if you have a bad round you know if you show great sportsmanship and represent the brand in a great way people will see who you ride for and know "WOW" they are a really good sport and are representing the brand I'n a positive way,which they won't remember your bad round,but yourself as a rider.

But even better you won't to go into s round every time and do well for your brand and promote it in the best way as possible by having a great result,having watchers stunned wanting what you have on. Even wishing others luck,by doing this other's may want to have a go at riding by watching you show how fun and enjoyable the sport really is.

Representing Kerrits in the best way possible,showing up to my competitions and clinics having pride and joy.Making myself and my horse neat and presentable and showing respect to others. Representing Kerrits by being a great leader to the younger generation of riders or the new ones leading them though the grades with respect,pride and honour.

What are your passions as a rider and ambassador? My passions as a rider are GOALS..Goals as a rider are very important to have,as you won't to have an ambition and goal for every time you hop on your horse you have a reason and aim to do complete your goal.As a rider I am today,I have goals for every time I hop on my horse,compete my horse, and for my riding career.The goals you could have could be little or big such as wanting to do a flying change,wanting to score higher in your dressage test to even eventually move up,correcting your position and picking on it or even wanting to work hard and ride over seas and eventually become and top rider or Olympian. Classic and elegance is a great passion as a rider and ambassador,as when I ride I want to look my best by having comfort.This also motivates riders into showing pride into every single detail and respect to watchers and sponsors in the competition ring and which they may love that you take pride in your horse and yourself.

Getting everyone into horses and doing their own thing,it would be great to get very one into horses and find what they love doing on a horse.I do eventing because I am very passionate about this sport,knowing I can do better in this and that's the best round Iv done,like I always like to keep good welfare of my horse and only give my horse the best I can.

What is your connection to Kerrits? My connection to knowing Kerrits would be.. My mum, my mum loves Kerrits breeches, she is obsessed with them. So one day I wanted to try them so I did and they were so comfy and even better they looked great! I then told my friends about them especially my little friend Charlotte,she now has over 5 pairs and wears them all the time. Your story of Kerrits is one of a kind,so of course it fascinated me as I am a serious Eventer but love to have style out on the field.  

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