MackenzIe Lacey
Oshawa, Ontario Canada

Owns Horse(s)? Yes. I ride .90m Pony Jumper, Large Pony Hunter, Welsh Pony and Cob/ Sport Pony 

What does being a Kerrits Ambassador mean to you? I live by the phrase "Positivity only." Having a positive outlook on everything you do and of everyone you meet is so important in everyday society and also as a brand ambassador. As a Kerrits brand ambassador I would take it upon myself to promote and encourage the people who support your company, through kind words and a positive attitude. Being a Kerrits brand ambassador means having a passion for your company and what it is all about. I have a lifelong, incredible passion for horses and the sport. I started riding at 7 and haven't stopped since (it has been almost 10 years). I not only am passionate for horses and ponies but I have completely fell in love with the sport. You can always find me at the barn! I compete on a provincial circuit and at qualifiers for the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in Toronto. Being a Kerrits brand ambassador, also, means to promote and represent the company publicly. I would use my social media connections like Instagram and Twitter posting pictures along with kind words. I would promote through word of mouth at my barn and through my local horse connections. There could also be a potential to promote at my shows throughout the season. Also, if you happen to have a booth at the Royal Winter Fair a would love to help out and ride as a Kerrits sponsored rider! Thank you for you consideration and for your amazing company/brand! 

What are your passions as a rider and ambassador? My passion for horses will never fade. Yes there will always be shows, clinics, etc. but my pony's well being will always come first. I am passionate about my pony's happiness and health. I am at the barn almost every day cleaning (my grey who loves to get dirty), lunging, riding, stretching muscles, the works! When they're happy, I'm happy! Another passion of mine as a rider is competing. I am very competitive and driven in everything I do but especially on riding. I train at the barn almost everyday and work part-time at a grocery store where every cent pays for my riding. I compete starting lightly in the cold months, so February to almost every weekend till the end of August on a provincial circuit (Central East Ontario Trillium Circuit). I also take my coach's Welsh pony to qualifiers for the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. Also, I have this incredible passion for fashion. I take pride in my ponies and I looking our best both at home and in the show ring. Whether that be through matching, brand, style, colours, etc. I have an eye for fashion and a need for style! Finally, positivity. I am such a strong believer in staying positive even when faced with tough times. A smile and a few kind words can always go a long way!

What is your connection to Kerrits? My first pair of riding pants were a pair of black Kerrits from Greenhawk! I remember feeling so confident, 'looking so good in my brand new Kerrits pants from the tack store that all my friends were talking about!' Back then and now I love the practicality and comfort of the tight style fit while still looking polished and put together. I've been looking to become an ambassador and thought what better company is there than Kerrits. The company that started it all for me! 

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