Hallie Wedge
Mississauga, Ontario Canada

Owns Horse(s)? Yes. Currently, I'm doing Hunters, but next show season I'm hoping to do .90 or 1.0m jumpers.

What does being a Kerrits Ambassador mean to you? Being a Kerrits ambassador means being dedicated to your ambassador team, Kerrits customers, and all other riders out there. Ambassadors are here to tell us what they think of a product and how much they enjoy it, and enjoy being involved with the Kerrits team. A Kerrits ambassador also means being an advocate for what the Kerrits company is all about! We need to let people know what the Kerrits mission and goal is so that they really get a sense of what they're buying. In a sense, I really think being an ambassador is about showing people how great you guys are, kind of what I mentioned above. Sometimes, people have to remember that, yes, Kerrits does keep riders in mind when making breeches, coats, tops, gloves, and everything else. They want to deliver their best quality riding gear made to help you achieve, an easier more comfortable ride. And that's what the ambassadors have to let everyone know.

What are your passions as a rider and ambassador? My passions of course are riding smile But deeper into that subject, I love the horses. My passion is to become an equine massage therapist so that I can help horse with back problems, and also create saddle pads, saddles, and accesories which completely ease a horses back pain.... My ambassador goals, are to deliver a message about what Kerrits is all about! I want (which I will be) to be proud to say, "I AM a Kerrits ambassador". I think being a Kerrits ambassador would really be beneficial to not just my riding career, but my future business career as well. I think that Kerrits could help me achieve many things. So all in all, learning new things would be my passion. I love to learn, and I think being an ambassador, you would have lots of opportunities to learn.  

What is your connection to Kerrits? My first experience with Kerrits, well brace yourself for a longish story! When I was about 10, I saw a girl at my barn wearing turquoise breeches! (I had never met her before) I thought to myself "Those are the coolest things ever!" I'm kind of shy when it comes to introducing or talking to new people, but just the motivation to find out what those turquoise beauties were was enough to persuade me to talk to her. So, I asked her what they were.

She said  that they're carrots.
I was like, oh come on, I really want to know what they are!
"Kerrits breeches!!" She half yelled.
As in "c-a-r-r-o-t-s"? I asked
Nope, Kerrits, with a K and an I instead of the O....

I got them at GREENHAWK, anyway I have to go, and then she left.

So I begged and begged to go to the tack store. My dad finally said yes, and sure enough there they were right on the rack with a million other pairs in like a bajillion colours!!
We got the turquoise ones after much pleading!

Since then, I've gotten another pair of breeches, a plaid jacket (not sure what it's called but I love it!!), and I just bought the black with white piping competitors koat!!! I am honestly so in love with it! I have a really hard time finding well fitting jackets! I have long arms, wide shoulders, a shortish torso, and I'm pretty slender. And honestly, the XS felt like it was custom made for me, plus the stretchy material made it super easy to move around in!
All the Kerrits products I've ever had were great!! No complaints.. Just in love!

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